Our Strategy

The Apjohn Group - Our Strategy

Apjohn Group seeks novel technology that holds the promise of new medical treatment or diagnostic breakthroughs. Opportunities are often referred to any one of our members or encountered during our frequent interactions with University Technology Officers and Academic Scientists. Our extensive due diligence will include reviews of intellectual property, evaluation of unmet medical needs, and assessment of the technical merits of the asserted technology.

Our engagement proposals often include co-founding new companies with innovators and providing the critical launch management team in order to activate a business plan and strategic direction that will aspire to achieve high value milestones so as to attract significant funding. Our ability to partner with angel investors and early stage venture capital firms has been a key to previous successes. Additionally, our network of complementary service providers has enabled us to advance companies at high rates of speed and success.

Apjohn Group brings a wide range of skills, as well as extensive industry networks, to develop and implement focused strategies for the commercialization of innovative life science technologies.

Apjohn Group team members have more than 250 years of combined pharmaceutical experience in the following areas:

  • General Business Management
  • Strategy and Corporate Finance
  • Business Development
  • Licensing
  • Preclinical Research and Development
  • Clinical Development
  • U.S. and International Regulatory Affairs
  • Manufacturing and Quality Assurance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Public Affairs

The breadth and depth of our expertise, as well as our ability and willingness to selectively apply the resources required to assist the Innovator(s), enables us to be a most effective, productive and cost-efficient partner.

Apjohn Group has served as consultants and management for successfully exited start-up companies as well as active corporations. The preferred business arrangement for Apjohn Group is to take on substantial upfront risk by assuming an equity position in newly formed company in exchange for our management leadership and services. This business model allows our Innovator partners to engage a group of highly skilled and proven individuals without the enormous cash outlay that would normally be required for such a broad and effective management team. Under this arrangement, the Apjohn Group and the Innovators are both vested in the goal of successful commercialization of the new technology.

Apjohn has also on occasion worked in standard cash for services consulting arrangements.

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